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Use this form to alert your neighbors to threatening, dangerous or just plain bad dogs.

Remember, let's keep this as legitimate as possible. Our goal is to report dangerous dogs that have committed violent acts against humans or pets and not dogs that only "look" or "act" dangerous. A dog that barks, may not bite. We do not want to be accused of "pedigree profiling" nor do we wish to lend support to any Breed Specific Legislation, however, a bad dog is a bad dog and our neighbors have a right to know if such a threat lives among us.

If you have been the victim or a witness of an attack, we want to know. We do not want to know about that dog who barks all night, or growls at the mailman, or constantly gets out of his pen and digs up your prized petunia's. These dogs may be a nuisance, annoying, maybe they have the potential for violent acts, maybe not, but we should consider them obedient until proven dis-obedient.

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