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Welcome to Rover's Law

Like what Megan's Law did to protect children from known sex offenders, this site will strive to protect our children, our loved ones, our pets and our neighborhoods from the dangerous and vicious dogs that live among us. Our goal is to create a National Registry of Bad Dogs similiar to that of the Department of Justice's Registry.

But this is just a humble start, we'll need your help.

We've created a Petition we hope will grow to critical mass to allow us to start petitioning government representatives both locally and federally, so please sign up and spread the word.
We've added some quick links to find your local congressement or representative and soon hope to add generic form letter you can either email directly from our website or download for postal mailing.

If you know of a potentially dangerous dog, or have been a victim of an attack, please take a moment and
submit the dangerous dog to our database so that others can search for dangerous dogs near them.

Although this site's focus is on "bad dogs", we are of course aware that in many cases dog attacks are the cause and the responsibility of "bad owners". Let this Bad Dog Registry also serve to help us all identify and be aware of the many bad owners out there who need to be responsible for their actions.

We are dog lover's like you. Anything that helps us avoid dangerous dogs or rescue them from bad owners is a positive step in the right direction.

There is a tremendous amount of information online about the occurances of dog attacks, the legal issues surrounding them and even a healty debate over some of the existing or proposed legislation making it way through the system. We will continue to update this site with many links and information about all of these resources and provide links to both sides of all arguments.

We welcome feedback, suggestions and any offers to help us with the site, maintain the database or just spread the word.

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Book: Fatal Dog Attacks: The Stories Behind the Statistics

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